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Learn About Storm Water Runoff

MS4 Educational Materials

Below are links to some MS4 materials available on our site. Also, many more materials (including those shown below) are available at PA DEP's site.

When it Rains, it Drains pamphlet
Brochure targeted at the general public that gives an overview of storm water, why it is a problem, and how members of the community can help.

Developer Fact Sheet
Construction fact sheet targeted at developers.

Door Hanger
Notice of pollution found in the area.

Only Rain in the Drain:
Poster promoting proper vehicle maintenance procedures.

Paving Our Way:
Paving our Way to Water Shortages.

Basin Retrofit

Guide to Auto Recycling and Operators

Maintaining Your Stormwater Basin (OPM)

Native Plant Landscaping

Rain Gardens: A homeowners guide to rain gardens.

Rain Gardens: Primer

Green Guide for Property Management

5 Easy Steps to Make a Rain Barrel

Rain Gardens Have Many Benefits

Rain Garden Guide

Storm Water Pa.

Richardson Inspections Web Page

StormwaterManagent Ordinance

Sharpsville Zoning Ordinance

Borough Zoning Map

Borough LandUse Map

Building Permit Fees