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Work begins in earnest this year on improving the boroughs water system and the lines serving both its residential and commercial customers. Funded by a low interest loan through Penn Vest the borough should see upwards of 25% of its distribution system replaced. The work should take the better part of the year.

In 2009 a new water line was installed on Woodland Road, and through the winter months new water and sewer lines are being installed the entire length of Victory Drive. These improvements will be a definite benefit to the neighborhoods where they are being installed but also to the entire community. Travis Long of the boroughs water system engineering firm GD&F states, “Water distribution systems represent a large portion of a water utility's asset and investment. As water distribution systems age, they experience problems of deteriorating infrastructure, water loss and service disruption. Consumer demands increase with time, and low pressure and high head loss problems become frequent in ageing systems, giving rise to excess energy expenditure and causing consumer discontent. Implementation of sound water distribution system management projects will work to ensure continued supply with an adequately pressurized quality source of water to residential and commercial customers alike. Improvements to flow and pressure allows for a cost saving to commercial customers via the reduction in delays and down time caused by issues associated with antiquated systems, and also ensures a means for the potential ability to expand existing and future businesses, which enables the potential for increased profitability” “Thus, the importance of water distribution rehabilitation, replacement and expansion is essential in maintaining the water systems critical ‘artery’”.

We are optimistic that the improvements to our services will continue to support our home real estate market, strong neighborhoods, and a vibrant and diverse business community in 2010 and on into the future.

New pipe arrives.

Some samples of recently replaced pipe.